Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peace Lily

My Spathiphylium or Peace Lily was kindly posing for a picture this quiet Saturday afternoon.
I got her when she was very small for my 2o odd birthday less than 3 years ago. She had a few white flowers then but once they faded, she did not bloom at all.
I did not give it much thought but just watered it regularly.
I decided to repot here before I would go on my holidays at the end of August. I split the plant into two because it was so big. One part ended up in the new flower pot with fresh earth; the other part remained in the old pot but with fresh earth too.
I moved to a new place and left for Eastern Europe. When I came back after the few days I found the plant in the new flower pot blooming! That was a great surprise. Now it has two white flowers and I hope it will have more soon. Apparently, it must like its new place here.
Some credit must go here to M too - for providing some items necessary for successful repotting, a few tips, and of course for this nice ceramic pot.

Monday, September 10, 2007

M like ,,, Myrtleville

hmmm ... how to say "hello" after almost two months of not blogging? a lot have happened and this has been quite a busy time. yet, it has also been a very relaxing, wonderful time. while those last few days Poland has been battered by rains, we have had a lovely spell of Indian summer here in Ireland. True, we were in Poland the first few days in September and we got cold so it was good to come back to this nice weather. Yesterday we spent the day here ..

and we had a nice swim too! Waves were coming - one warm and one cold alternatively, which I found unusual. It was the first time i swam in the ocean :)

On other things that happened:
I have moved to a different place now - with a garden and in a quiet area :) so I am happy
(with the change of address, there has been a change in my phone number too).
I am back to college next week ahhh ... back to studying.
It is time to go back to horse riding too.

Thank you and credit for the photo go to M. who has a good eye.