Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peace Lily

My Spathiphylium or Peace Lily was kindly posing for a picture this quiet Saturday afternoon.
I got her when she was very small for my 2o odd birthday less than 3 years ago. She had a few white flowers then but once they faded, she did not bloom at all.
I did not give it much thought but just watered it regularly.
I decided to repot here before I would go on my holidays at the end of August. I split the plant into two because it was so big. One part ended up in the new flower pot with fresh earth; the other part remained in the old pot but with fresh earth too.
I moved to a new place and left for Eastern Europe. When I came back after the few days I found the plant in the new flower pot blooming! That was a great surprise. Now it has two white flowers and I hope it will have more soon. Apparently, it must like its new place here.
Some credit must go here to M too - for providing some items necessary for successful repotting, a few tips, and of course for this nice ceramic pot.

1 comment:

laurie said...

very nice. they love water.

we have one that was given to doug when his father died, 15 years ago. it's still doing well. i hope yours is as longlived.