Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bacio # 4

Laughter makes you young. Love makes you beautiful.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Another Monday almost over. It has not been a bad day. I overslept this morning but I was not late for work so that's good even if I was a bit annoyed by it. Being late for work has not happened to me since I started working there and usually I am a very punctual person. Yet, this morning my friends had to wait for me as we go to work together - in my car. They did not mind at all though.
Day at work pretty much flew. I was a bit angry still by my near-lateness and so got more easily annoyed by others today. I have worked in this company for 10 months and there are still some people who get my name wrong. It is not despite their best efforts. It is because they do not even try to get it right. I thought, it is my name for f**k's sake. I would just correct one lady today (she used the male version of my name!!!). I also corrected my boss today but it was okay with him; someone misled him a bit when he wanted to get it right. He just said I lost my temper too easily. Maybe I do; still some things make my blood boil (this one made my blood warmer by a few degrees ;))
One bit of news here:
I am expecting to get my exams results sometime in the middle of next week. I hope they will be a good reason to celebrate.
Anyway, I am going to sleep earlier tonight. Last night I watched American Beauty - I saw it a good few years ago and I wanted to get to it again and enjoy it. Enjoy the words they say (some of the quotes are so beautiful...)
Then I read some beautiful words in an email I got and I wanted to reply. I went to bed later than usual so.
Now I am reading Lapidarium VI by Ryszard Kapuscinski. It is not an easy book to read; yet it is simple at the same time. I may post something more on it later.

The photo is of a park in Douglas. I had a very relaxing time there. It was warm and I would just walk around and take some pictures, or just look around and enjoy the sun and watching the bird(s).Time for my magic potion now and for hitting the pillow. Good night.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dead Can Dance - The Wind That Shakes The Barley

This Irish theme got stuck in my head today after I listened to this song at work. It reminded me of the movie too. So here it goes. I find this song moving but for reasons I cannot entirely grasp at this moment. Lyrics.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Architecture - Wroclaw a.k.a. Breslau

City Hall in one of my favourite cities. Right in the heart of the market square.
This city is a must-visit for more reasons than its architecture; today I will just name its lovely parks - great for cycling, walking, or lying on the grass. The parks there are so spacious you can get positively lost there :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bacio # 3

Friendship brings great happiness with little gestures.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Back in Cork

Hello again after a few days' break from posting.
I am back, alive and well but getting back to Cork was a fairly easy thing. It is hard to be late for a flight that is delayed after all and it is not much one can do up there but think of ways to kill boredom. One can sleep, read, or converse with another passenger. I was lucky to meet a friend at the airport and we sat in the same row during the flight. We talked for some time but then I tried to sleep or well, I kept my eyes closed and got in a semi-dazed state. Before I did that, I exchanged a few words with the passenger on my right hand side. The guy was from Czech Republic and asked me something about milk served on the plane. MILK MLIKO MLEKO; well I did not chant it as a mantra while in my dazed state; I just remembered now the way he put an accent in the word "mliko". Of course it was different than the accent used by the Polish in "mleko". As you can see I had very "fascinating" thoughts when on this plane ... [German MILCH is way different again]
Anyway, I am back in my apartment now; I went back to work on Tuesday morning (half asleep as the plane arrived at c. midnight). I survived the four long days in the office, trying to do my best but it was tough. It is difficult to get back to reality, to the usual after long holidays. I could not muster up enough energy to do things in my usual fast and efficient manner. My brain put up a lot of resistance in face of some tasks.
So I wore this t-shirt today as this week I have been a very good bad example of slackening discipline. It is good then to have an understanding boss with some sense of humour too. He agreed with what my t-shirt said (I bet what he had in mind was that my Polish workmate and I speak Polish when it comes to small talk but it is a different matter).
There will be no mercy next week anyway but I am hoping to be back on the track by Monday.
On Monday, I will be wearing a different t-shirt ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

leaving ... soon

"Suddenly the night has grown colder..."

I am just listening to "Alexandra Leaving" performed by Leonard Cohen. Somehow this song always comes to my mind when I am about to travel even if the lyrics do not have much in common with my life. I want to apologise here for not providing any link to a youtube movie with this song. The reason is that there is no video clip with song performed by Cohen. I did not like the version I found.

To get back to my travel, all I want is to land safely at my destination. Then there will be a huge sigh of relief and I will be able to go home.

Recently I got a little nice MP3 player. At the airport I may listen to some songs to kill the time before boarding and to kill boredom when flying.

Before listening to Cohen now, I listened to Nick Cave. I then remembered the concert he gave at the Marquee some time ago. I cannot remember the exact date but the concert was very good. Here are youtube links to two of his songs:

Weeping song

People ain't no good

I listened to many more songs than those two by Cave of course and some are more stuck than others.

Now I feel strangely detached; maybe because of this journey. I am a bit stressed out about my flight and I do not want to think that I am leaving so soon. Knock me out before boarding the plane please so it might get easier. I would not like to crash. When I think about some plane crashes, I think the awareness of the inevitable is the worst. I keep telling myself that nothing bad will happen this time either. I also think it is a good time to say good night now; time to get some sleep before tomorrow. "So long, Marianne" Cohen sings (my name is not Marianne, I must add here ;))

The pic of this weeping willow was taken in Wroclaw a few days ago.

Friday, June 1, 2007


My holidays in Poland are almost, almost over. After two weeks and something I am going to pack my suitcase again. I am going to pack some good memories too. I did not plan to do much during those holidays and things were just following the general flow. Yet, there some unexpected things that took place but it is a mystery :-)

On a cultural side though there are no mysteries. Here goes a list of some movies I watched and the two books I read. [I took plenty of pictures as well - here goes just this one - of the flowers].

Norwegian wood by Haruki Murakami
(Polish cover on the left; English one on the right. Surely this books has had various covers - not only those too. I must say I like the one on the right more but I am adding the other one to this post just for some kind of balance.)

On the book itself ... I enjoyed reading it until the very last page. The ending was rather a surprise and I was disappointed by it to be honest. I could not know that when I started reading of course :-) but it was all calculated risk: you never know where a given book is gonna take you.

Lala by Jacek Dehnel
At the beginning I found it hard to get into rhythm with this book but then I could not be separated from it until the very last page. Great read. Some kind of compensation for "Norwegian Wood".

Buena Vista Social Club by Wim Wenders

Great music. Nothing more to add.

North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock

A fair bit of entertainment in Hitchcock style. Nice and easy for holidays time.

Elizabeth by Shekhar KapurIt was a must - to see "Elizabeth". I was thinking about it for a long time but somehow I never got a chance until a few days ago. She was a strong woman and a feminist. She knew what she wanted and would go for it in spite of all men around. Very often the steps she took were against their advice and she brought England to prosperity. Smart woman.

21 grams by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu

A must-see. Captivating watch for me from the beginning until the very end. I watched it second time last week.

One Last Dance
No poster here. I found the movie dreadfully boring and lacking in any real emotion. Dance can be so full of emotions and passion but passion was missing from this film big time.

Les Amants by Louis Malle

French lovers escape from settled environment. Nice fairytale but I found it too naive. The female protagonist may have appealed to the viewers back then when the movie was screened in the late 1950's but not so much to me. It was interesting to watch anyway just to have some fun. Yes, I may be too skeptic about love these days but such things just do not happen in real life.
So people will keep going to cinemas, theatres to experience the impossible, the improbable.
For the same reasons the Greeks went to their theatres and the English crowded to see Shakespeare's plays. I realize it is a pretty simplified picture I paint but there is some truth in it, isn't there?