Sunday, June 3, 2007

leaving ... soon

"Suddenly the night has grown colder..."

I am just listening to "Alexandra Leaving" performed by Leonard Cohen. Somehow this song always comes to my mind when I am about to travel even if the lyrics do not have much in common with my life. I want to apologise here for not providing any link to a youtube movie with this song. The reason is that there is no video clip with song performed by Cohen. I did not like the version I found.

To get back to my travel, all I want is to land safely at my destination. Then there will be a huge sigh of relief and I will be able to go home.

Recently I got a little nice MP3 player. At the airport I may listen to some songs to kill the time before boarding and to kill boredom when flying.

Before listening to Cohen now, I listened to Nick Cave. I then remembered the concert he gave at the Marquee some time ago. I cannot remember the exact date but the concert was very good. Here are youtube links to two of his songs:

Weeping song

People ain't no good

I listened to many more songs than those two by Cave of course and some are more stuck than others.

Now I feel strangely detached; maybe because of this journey. I am a bit stressed out about my flight and I do not want to think that I am leaving so soon. Knock me out before boarding the plane please so it might get easier. I would not like to crash. When I think about some plane crashes, I think the awareness of the inevitable is the worst. I keep telling myself that nothing bad will happen this time either. I also think it is a good time to say good night now; time to get some sleep before tomorrow. "So long, Marianne" Cohen sings (my name is not Marianne, I must add here ;))

The pic of this weeping willow was taken in Wroclaw a few days ago.

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