Monday, June 25, 2007


Another Monday almost over. It has not been a bad day. I overslept this morning but I was not late for work so that's good even if I was a bit annoyed by it. Being late for work has not happened to me since I started working there and usually I am a very punctual person. Yet, this morning my friends had to wait for me as we go to work together - in my car. They did not mind at all though.
Day at work pretty much flew. I was a bit angry still by my near-lateness and so got more easily annoyed by others today. I have worked in this company for 10 months and there are still some people who get my name wrong. It is not despite their best efforts. It is because they do not even try to get it right. I thought, it is my name for f**k's sake. I would just correct one lady today (she used the male version of my name!!!). I also corrected my boss today but it was okay with him; someone misled him a bit when he wanted to get it right. He just said I lost my temper too easily. Maybe I do; still some things make my blood boil (this one made my blood warmer by a few degrees ;))
One bit of news here:
I am expecting to get my exams results sometime in the middle of next week. I hope they will be a good reason to celebrate.
Anyway, I am going to sleep earlier tonight. Last night I watched American Beauty - I saw it a good few years ago and I wanted to get to it again and enjoy it. Enjoy the words they say (some of the quotes are so beautiful...)
Then I read some beautiful words in an email I got and I wanted to reply. I went to bed later than usual so.
Now I am reading Lapidarium VI by Ryszard Kapuscinski. It is not an easy book to read; yet it is simple at the same time. I may post something more on it later.

The photo is of a park in Douglas. I had a very relaxing time there. It was warm and I would just walk around and take some pictures, or just look around and enjoy the sun and watching the bird(s).Time for my magic potion now and for hitting the pillow. Good night.

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