Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reading, writing, and other things.

After some break from reading, I started on another book by Orhan Pamuk - My Name Is Red. I must say it begins in an intriguing way and it is hard to put it away. It seems totally different than "Snow" too.
The covers of both books well reflect the contents . While "Snow" is about winter, cold, freezing times, "My Name Is Red" and its half red cover seem to accentuate the hidden passions, secrets and mysteries of the life in Istanbul in the times of Great Sultan.
I am now reading chapter 6 so later on I may add some more on the book.
I have to read my college book too (a chapter on HR) and then I got engrossed in Fantasy Football. Emotions run high on the pitch.

Plus I have been tagged with "when i become a famous rider..." by rough hands. Aagghhh I must think about something and write a post on it so. I had a riding lesson last night but I decided not to take part in the show jumping league that takes place every Friday. I fell during my first competition and well I must still practice before I can jump.
So I must think what will happen when I become a famous rider.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bacio # 5

Treat your friends as you would your paintings and show them in their best light. J. J. Churchill

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

photographer's block...

ahhh it seems to be a strange period now. I have lived in a new place for more than a month now and I feel very good here. The transition between the old place and the new place was pretty seamless and now everything is just going fine. Now I need less time to get to work and I have it closer to Hop Island where I go horse riding. I have it easier to do some quick shopping on the way back too. To get to my college takes more time now though and I take a car to get there (before I would walk) and then it is so hard to find a parking space in the city. I must think of some solutions before my next classes (this Thursday) but it will be grand soon. On the whole it is good but it has gotten a bit of a routine too. It is not to say that routine is bad; some things need to be well organised and running smoothly. Still no day is the same and I move forward every day and it is nice to feel I am not stuck in a rut, as the saying goes.

I have noticed a bit of a photographer's block recently but hopefully it will pass... along with some kind of a writer's block too!