Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bacio # 5

Treat your friends as you would your paintings and show them in their best light. J. J. Churchill


RoughHands said...

But then you show your subjects as shadows. Which would be the dark bits ... but then again they're shown inside the best light aren't they!

nightskyspy said...

Yes, that was exactly my intention to use this very picture as an illustration for the quote.

There are just two shadowy silhouettes shown in the bright light, probably the best background to show them against.

Plus I just like the strong contrast between shadow and light and I thought the photo would be good to use as a pictorial metaphor.

rough hands said...

I know how much you enjoy your horse riding, so I'm going to annoy you now and get your brain cells working. I'm TAGGING you with the “When I become a famous rider” tag. I'm interested where you would like it to take you.