Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Nulla dies sine linea

I wish I had time to write at least one line every day - one sentence. Writing one sentence is a small step. It may also be thought to be a giant leap if you think that one sentence must inevitably lead to another. A few sentences make a paragraph; a number of paragraphs would become a chapter. A book consists of chapters. It’s so simple.

Yet, it is so difficult. It all starts with just one sentence that I wish I had time to write. Each day = one sentence. There is no opportunity at times. There is no inspiration at other times. The worst thing is the mundane reality of work, shopping, college, and study.

I want time off because time is running out. One line a day. One significant change a day. One does not need take this Latin proverb literally. It may be just moment when I am being happy or when someone I know is being happy. It must be something different every day otherwise there is just a terrible, tragic boredom and waste.

Carpe diem, carpe noctem.

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