Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's a waiting game ...

for some things that are yet to come; today is like an enormous waiting room and now the question is of striking that balance between instant and postponed fulfillment:
texts / emails from friends - varied times and not always predictable but it is nice to wait for those;
horse riding - closer and closer because tomorrow night, 7 pm;
the beginning of the weekend - close enough: Friday noon;
exams results - should be this week, should have been today but i found nothing under my door (it is getting annoying now; i want to know!);
second year in college - September 2007 if i have passed. i am looking forward to it because at the end of my course i will get my cert.
advancement in career - well, gradually getting there, slowly but surely; takes time and requires patience but seems like a sure investment.
Garda Reserve application results - "yes" or "no" later this year.

A few travels, books to be read, music to listen to, movies to watch - as i go.

A lot to wait for and to look forward to.

Yet, there are some other things I have been waiting for - for a long time. They are important and personal; they make me see the bigger pictures better and i could call them my gentle priorities even if that is an unusual metaphor.

A certain song has been coming back to me quite a few times over the past two months or so.
It seems kinda proper to post it here;

I will not write here though if I got my answer ... too personal.

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laurie said...

hope the test scores, the answer, and all the other mysteries turned out well.