Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Strawberries seem to be over this year. I do not mean there will be no more strawberries in the shops this year; most probably they will be. The nicest, sweetest strawberries are only in May and June though. This photo presents Polish strawberries [just in case someone was wondering what "nationality" they were ;) ]

Then, waiting for the exams results is too. I got the envelope on July the 6th and then I was a bit too busy to post. Late but here it goes. I passed all the three exams with distinction (70% +) :) and I know that my holidays from college will be over sometime in mid-September. So I am enjoying my free evenings now and I put the management books away for now. I should be back to "Lapidarium VI" now so till the next post and next updates ...


laurie said...

and strawberries might be over, but raspberries are just beginning.

nightskyspy said...

thank you Laurie. I still have some strawberries in my fridge (shipped from the U.S. for the record)but I have not seen any raspberries in shops yet.