Saturday, November 17, 2007

driving to M

so i am back ...

back from another interpreting job in a hospital, back from another horse riding lesson

[it was great today. i was on a horse i had never ridden before and oh isn't he fast and lovely, and strong. Thierry may be called a grumpy old man, but there is no better horse to canter and to jump; he is really soft and easy going]

and soon leaving for M, a little town in west Cork to see M :)

it is not necessary to drive to M all night but here it goes, maybe a good song to hum while driving.

her voice is so powerful, even more so in this acapella version.


laurie said...

even better version: lucinda williams. i can't find it on youtube, but trust me. more power.

drive safe. have fun with m.

nightskyspy said...

thank you laurie. i have not managed to listen to this version yet but i will do my best to find it. i am back from M - from the car straight into the office this morning. I had a lovely time. Driving to M in the torrential rain was not easy but it doesn't matter.
I hope you had a nice weekend too.

laurie said...

driving in torrential rain: never easy.

but it sounds like it was worth it for you.