Saturday, May 26, 2007

Too hot to post

Another day of scorching heat in Poland. Weather forecast says there will be thunder storms later today - I hope it is not wrong. Plans for tonight - barbeque party and lot of beer. Rain will not be much of a problem when it comes and it will make a few things easier for us here.
The photo is of the roses I gave to my mother this morning.


doug said...

lovely roses.

i hate scorching heat. cool and rainy here, for the long weekend. we have company. last year we had the same company for the same holiay weekend and it was so hot we couldn't do anything except sit on the screen porch and say, "man, i'ts hot."

so cool and rainy is better.

hope your weather breaks.

laurie said...

sorry--i was signed in as my husband! that last remark was from me.