Thursday, May 3, 2007

Shamrock for luck

Four - leaved shamrock is supposed to bring luck. Everyone (?) knows shamrock is one of the symbols of Ireland. I hope it will bring luck to me too because I am in Ireland after all. I am off all week now and I am going to study really hard. I have four days left and then here it goes - three exams: on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday respectively. I am so stressed out now. After all is done, I will go to a pub to get a well deserved pint of beer (maybe Murphy to remind myself of that taste).

But now it is time to get the well deserved sleep after this week's maddness in the office.

P.S. I wore this shamrock lapel pin when I went to a pub on Paddy's day.


laurie said...

it is my dream to find one of those growing in my yard. i have a million clover, but none with four leaves,only three.

good luck with all those exams!

shep said...

I know a place where the sun is like gold
and the cherries bloom forth in the snow;
And down underneath is the loveliest place,
Where the four-leaf clovers grow.

One leaf is for FAITH,
And one is for HOPE,
And one is for LOVE you know;
And GOD put another in for LUCK:
If you search you will find where they grow.

But you must have FAITH,
And you must have HOPE,
You must LOVE and be strong and so...
If you work and you wait,
You will find the place
Where the FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS grow!

by Ella Higginson

shep said...

Stress won't do your study any good. Relax and take plenty breaks to let the mind digest what you've just tried to force into it! But, I'm sure you're smart enough to know that yourself.
I would disagree on the pint of Murphy's though. During exam time, we used always go for one or two (no more), and a chat just to unwind. it helped greatly and always knocked me off to sleep too which was nice. Worrying wasn't going to keep me awake!

nightspy said...

Thank you Laurie and Shep for all comments, wishes, and good advice. I take breaks, I drink lots of water as it is so hot this weekend. I went out ti get some air too. I feel like a full time student now. When I was in Poland and had loads of exams to take, I would go out with friends at night to have a pint and - exactly as you wrote, Shep - chat and unwind. It was good. I might do that tonight and tomorrow night but well there are not many of my friends to go out with. Most have gone away for the long weekend.
I would say that once you have everything you need to find the four-leaf clover, you can stop looking because you are already lucky having those.
Thank you Shep; I liked this poem.

shep said...

I remember reading that poem years ago, though I can't remember where, quite possibly in school.
It's only when you mentioned the four leaf clover that i went looking for it again.
Agreed, you have more than most if you have the first three.
I just liked it because it's simple and dreamy.

nightspy said...

I am glad you did post it as a comment because I enjoyed reading it. I was left with no words to add as it simple and to the point. Only then I had this after-thought that the three is enough.
I finished studying for tonight. I want to have all exams behind me although I cannot say I am not enjoying myself here in this room, taking in all that knowledge and daydreaming from time to time.