Sunday, April 29, 2007


My friend and I had a quiet Sunday today. We talked and watched some pics together, among other things. It turned out we were taking pictures near the Morrison's Island on separate occasions and that we, most probably, "caught" the same bird. It likes spending its time by the bridge. I saw it there a good couple of times. When I was walking with my camera on a Sunday some time ago, it decided to take a rest on a life ring buoy and was posing for me like a star :)

My friend and I wondered what bird it was.
My knowledge of birds species is really poor. It is a cormorant (the Internet is invaluable).
wildlife of blue flag beaches
Carlingford wildlife page


laurie said...

cormorants! i like those birds but i think fishermen don't. they eat a lot of fish.

is your friend ok? the one who fell from the horse? i love the blue sky picture. it makes me want to lie in the grass, too.

shep said...

Lots of birds tend to be territorial or just like the same spot. If you happen to be in the same place from day to day, you will sometimes notice this. But most people only notice this when they realize something is missing ... and then it clicks.
We normally have 20-30 pairs of nesting swallows in the farmyard every year. They always come back to the same nesting spot every year. This year i have only counted 8 pairs, which is saddening. I do miss them. I hope the remainder are only late.

nightspy said...
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nightspy said...

Thanks Laurie for asking. My friend is at home but with a broken arm. Bad lack after only riding for a month. She got a skitty horse, which was very irresponsible of the coach.
You are right Shep. It only clicks when something is missing. I could lose a friend and I was in a shock when I realized it.
She is alive and says she is going to horse ride again. She cannot do it now though.
I do not feel like going riding at the moment. I have some second thoughts about it. I would prefer lying in the grass but not in this bleak weather.
Shep, I hope your nesting swallows will come back. said...

We're all feel invincible when we're younger, but as we add on a few years, it becomes obvious that we won't heal so quick. Call me 'boring' if you wish, but it's more a sense of self preservation. I think the old saying "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" sums it up nicely.
On the other hand, if you stop doing something you obviously enjoy, then where is the joy in life? We all need that adrenaline rush every now and again (and something to look forward to) in order keep things interesting.
I know too many people that are afraid of everything, and aren't willing to take a chance on anything.

nightspy said...

I agree farmercash that with time we become more cautious and perhaps do not want to risk much.

Now I tend to think though that probably the only time I will take a voluntary break from horse riding will be when I am pregnant (if I am ever pregnant, I should add. It is not easy to get that when you are single ;-)).

I really enjoy horse riding; I am not going to give up on it. The only thing I will get this week is an additional insurance just in case… and then I will go again
I think things still heal quickly at my or my friend’s age.
But even when things won’t heal so quickly, I will still need adrenaline rush. I love that feeling I get when jumping. Horse riding can also be incredibly relaxing after a long day in the office.

You live once so you go for it. At least I do and I have had few regrets so far.

shep said...

Glad to hear you're going to keep up with the horses. I've only ever ridden once, and that was at my uncles place when I was young, bareback with reins. Of course it was an old mare and she wasn't going to go crazy! Still, it's one of those things on my TODO list.
On the insurance side, isn't your friend covered by the riding center? No harm making sure for yourself.

nightspy said...

Re insurance, the riding centre is covered so if anyone sues them they will pay out compensation money. Otherwise my friend must pay for treatment and physiotherapy herself and of course she is off work.
VHI pays for some things only: hospital stay, scans among others.
I went horse riding tonight as well. The evening was so warm and the water blue for once (not grey). There was jumping, trot, counter, riding with no stirrups. Walk on the beach was great. I made Blossom wade a bit and then she countered up the steep narrow path like a mad mare. I got my adrenaline rush then. She must have been in a great hurry to eat :-)
I would still tell everyone horse riding is brilliant but from this time on I would add some cautionary remark.