Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bad Tuesday.

What a hell of a day I had today. This happens so rarely and so it is really annoying when it does.

First there is that long and unresolved conflict at work that has been going on for about 4 months. In other words - since I was promoted to a lead position. Yesterday (I really hate Mondays at work) it reached its peak. I will not go into details here; the story has its twists and turns and would be too long-winded. The point is - either I go or the other person goes.

Today it was quiet but my manager is back tomorrow so something is bound to happen. Still, with the Amgen putting its plan to build the pharmaceutical factory in Carrigtwohill on hold, there is less work in my company too. So I don't know what is going to happen.

What I know is that tomorrow there is a crucial meeting with one of our clients. The pressure is definitely on the rise. I still must prepare some things for that meeting still.

My mood is quite bad now. I have a running nose, I could not sleep well last night. Even horse riding went bad today. It was a brilliant evening, sun was low and the views were lovely - with the beach and water so close. The clouds were low and dark, with the sun rays streaming through them. Great weather for riding. Still my horse was as nervous as I was. Once I got her going right but then she got scared of something and started going in circles like a mad animal. I almost fell as I lost both stirrups but I held on by wrapping my legs tightly around the horse's belly.

In the car I must have been so nervous that my car did not want to listen me either! Well, almost. I let go off the clutch too soon ... screech was terrible ... no comment here :-(

Now I am safely at home. I am going to bed now. Good at least that I managed to finish one written translation for tomorrow.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday is a day off for me. That's real good.
So till later. Bye for now.


Donal said...

Hopefully a better day today?

Conflict at work is never good, but I wouldn't advise making an ultimatum, or at least letting it be known! Try and figure out a way to avoid that person or let your manager know about the conflict. Not good for work morale/productivity so they would want it resolved.

Good luck!

nightspy said...

Thanks Donal again. The day was not bad, though very busy. Now the conflict issue has paled; Amgen plant delay and its knock-on effect concerns us more.