Sunday, April 15, 2007


Here are the photos of the lovely horse I rode yesterday. He is incredibly dynamic, very fast and a good goer. By far, Rafael is the best horse I have ever ridden. He is a good jumper too and, needless to say, I cannot wait to ride on him again.

In this photo, we were just about to start countering.
I lost my right stirrup as you can see but it did not really matter then;
I know how to stay on.

Good job, Rafael! This was not exactly the end of the riding but my photographer went missing. I do not want to say where ;-)
We finished some time after so I unsaddled my horse, led him back to the stable and took off the bridle and reins. I enjoyed doing that too - seeing the horse off, giving him some hay and saying "till the next time" :-)
I promised him I would bring some carrots as well.

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