Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Good evening...
Very good I say.
Imagine a quiet evening close to a stony beach
Grey, calm water stretching far into the misty distance
Green trees refreshed by the rain that has finally started falling
Green grass that looks so soft and inviting you want to walk on it barefoot
Bird singing sweetly and incessantly while hidden somewhere between the branches
A pheasant ... against the background of lush, long, and thick grass, moving majestically around
White and blue flowers along the path, fragile, beautiful, and tiny, looked at from a horse's back
This time I rode on Blossom :-)

It was perfect in the sense that I could really distanced myself from the entire world out there
being at that moment in that place enjoying riding on Blossom, patting him on that long, warm neck from time to time, playing with him as well and feeling that he was enjoying himself too :)
I love horse riding - especially right after work.
Unbelievable - how different it can be and relaxing.
Good before going to sleep too.
Good night.

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