Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Get it of your chest" weekend

I have just finished another chapter of the book "Y: The Descent of Men" by Steve Jones. After the initial 30 pages or so I got into the rhythm of it and I find it quite fascinating. I must say it is hard to put this book aside.

I had to, though, to go to a Cork Garda Station.
(As I mentioned a few times in my previous posts, I am an interpreter for Garda Siochana.)

This time there was a Polish guy arrested under section 49 (nothing new to me; I know the entire procedure so well I could quote all the sections and requirements in my sleep. Obviously, the Garda designated doctor is no strange face to me either).

Well, anyway, this Polish guy was so pissed that he had some problems understanding his native language and kept saying "Okay", "No problem," nodding "yes" to almost everything I was saying. He is going to have no recollation of what he was doing or saying when he sobers up. If someone tells him he tried to pick me up, he's gonna deny. Yeah but that's what happened.

I did not like it. I know I have lots of anger deep down in me at people who, when drunk, try to pick up girls. I do not care when it happens at Garda Stations; when this guy started calling me "his darling", "love", in a harsh tone I simply told him to give it a break. I do my job and I do not care about what a drunk guy may say. I only care that he is caught and cannot be a threat to anyone.

But in a pub it is different. I used to go to pubs a lot to enjoy myself and have a pint or two. Now I do not go out at all. I do not drink much either when I do go out. Last time I went out was a week ago and only because a good friend asked me to join her as she was going to a farewell party.

Drunk guys are what discouraged me totally from visiting pubs. They cannot talk about interesting things. They either stare at you, they give you this bullshit of "I'll text you", "Yes, you are a great girl","I like you" etc etc. They pretend all the time to give a shit. All they want is to get drunk and then have sex. Obvious. A one night stand. What else?

Thanks but no. I have had enough of this attitude, this shallowness. I have enough of the guys who do not understand a simple word "No." Enough of those who do undestand this simple word and then lose all interest. Enough of idiots who think it is funny when they lie down on the floor to take peek under my not-that-short a skirt. Enough of the guys who insist on dancing with me when I really prefer doing that alone. Or of some who when texting me at 3 am tell me how many beers they had overnight. How impressive.

I keep my phone silenced at night and at 3 am I am fast asleep unless I want to work. Then I can either be found at a Garda station or a hospital (CUH most often) or well - in bed when there are no call-outs.

I am not a vengeful creature but something my blood boils when I think about what happened in that one pub for example.
I used to wonder what would happen if I kicked that peeking guy on the floor in that stupid drunk face. Or just called the security.

In reality, I could not kick anyone - in the face or anywhere else. I regret I did not call a security guy. I do not condone any violence just my anger creates various images in my mind. I am venting part of this anger here.

Now I feel I am just "too old" for pubs and I am too fed up with the whole Saturday town thing. Nothing ever changes.

I mean I was not born yesterday. I know what pubs are like and I know what guys are like. I was not a saint myself before and I am not a saint now either.

I am a normal girl who is really fed up with immature men. I have never met anyone in a pub who would deserve the term "mature." Really, never. Pubs are definitely wrong places for looking. Since no one could prove me wrong, I stopped visiting them a good few months ago.

Well, sure, you may say I was naive. Overly optimistic - I would say. After all what can I expect when I go to a pub? Respect - no. Some good conversation - no. Drunk people - yes.

Anyway, now I find the Saturday night out-goers' behaviour is totally obnoxious to me.

Now what I do over the weekends is reading books, watching movies (last night the turn came to see Good Will Hunting), having a beer or wine from time to time, browsing the Internet (I still have not found out in which constituency I live so I am only guessing at the moment; is this info classified?), studying (at least in theory), riding horses, and doing some other things. I prefer spending time in more constructive ways.

Maybe I will go to a gig sometime soon if I find something worth my time.

P.S. I realize they are exceptions out there. Maybe I could name one or two persons I know but this would be a very different story. (One of them had interesting things to say but was too self-centred). But in general I have a very bad idea of Irish pubs and the people you meet there.
I just took part in "Cork talks back" programme on RedFM. Not bad. Thanks Victor. I may be phoning in more often from now on.
The photo presents me in the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam (a few years ago). By the way I still have one Heineken in my fridge. I will have it now I think.

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