Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nice, nicer ...

Another great day here in Cork – and that’s not only weather-wise.

I am sitting in a new office – very close to the window. I regret I cannot have my desk out there in the parking lot but most probably that would not be a good idea.
The documents would be flying all over the parking area… but this room is so much better and brighter. I do have a window and a view; before there were only some ugly partitions.

Then, the view I have is lovely. I can see blue sky, a few white clouds here and there, and lots of green trees. Maybe that does not sound like something too special; after all behind my window there are no mountains, or a lake, or a beach. Still, it is enough. I can hear birds singing too. Me sitting here … can be quite bad for my company’s business ;-)

I am in a very good mood today. Once, we finally moved to a new room. Second, I love horse riding and yesterday we had a great lesson; it was a great laugh too. There were only four of us so we could practice more and jump more too. It is so relaxing to go horse riding right after work – all the stress is gone from the system. I just enjoy the experience and I do not think about anything else. Last night was totally brilliant. I know it may sound cheap or exaggerated but it was brilliant. The evening was warm and the wind very mild. We rode outdoors, very close to the beach. The view of the water, the sun setting had a soothing effect; on the other hand, the physical effort associated with horse riding and the sheer pleasure derived from it were most invigorating and energising.

Then I went home and took a warm shower … applied body butter … and got wrapped up in a warm bathrobe … a divine feeling of total relaxation …

I had a wonderful time.

I am having a good time now as well. I am working away at my project. The system connection is rather slow today so I manage to add a few words to this post every now and again; the job gets done anyway.

Besides the nice view from the window, there are nice job prospects too. For my company I mean.
For example, this does not look bad, does it?

source of the image plus the article - here


MacKozer said...

My office is outside among the fields and trees :) When it is warm and sunny it is very nice, but when it is raining and wind is so strong... well.. that's a dark side of archaeology :)

Best regards and thanx for your comment on my blog

laurie said...

my desk is by the window and i have been watching it snow all day.

here's what happened the one and only time i went horse-back riding: we headed across a small stream. my horse decided to lie down.

i got very wet, and had no idea how to make the horse go again.

mikeC said...

i used to be inside looking out at the people outside looking in at me inside looking out ... :*)
yeah, used to know the feeling of working in a office on a nice day, so i changed to an outside job too. i've quite a good tan now after the last few weeks of sunshine. i hope this isn't the end of our summer though. most years we have good weather around this time, it gets very wet in may and june :(