Thursday, April 12, 2007


Indeed breaking.
7.30 AM - this.

I called 112 and the Mayfield gardai arrived at c. 7.45. Very quickly. This is the first time in my life that I had to call the gardai because something wrong happened. Having an empty wallet stolen - laughable. Having a car window broken is bad enough though.

Sickening morning I must say. There was glass all over the pavement. There is still broken glass inside the car - everywhere: on the dashboard, by the meter, on the floor, in the glove compartment, and on the seats apparently. On the pavement there were also remains of a vodka bottle that was used to break my window. On the floor in my car there is the neck of another bottle I think. As you can see on this pic, there is a blood stain on the door. There is a little amount of blood inside too. There was blood on the pavement as well. Ugh...

My car was towed away this morning for Technical Examination. The gardai took the finger prints; hence the dust on the door and the roof. They took the blood samples too and said they would keep in touch. I doubt they find anyone though. Mind, there are no CCTV cameras. It is the very heart of Cork city!!! There is a camera over one shop - facing in another direction. There is another camera directed at a nearby ATM. But there is nothing to record what is happening between the ATM and the shop. Disgrace.

I took a bus to work but was late only 3o minutes. Probably I will put it down on my timesheet as Force Majeure leave or just costly holidays.

At work - more news of a different kind. One of the people I supervise will be assigned to a different team so no more conflict at work!!! Good. The another person ... hmm news is not that good for him, he is not going to show up at my company at all some time soon. Well, that's the Irish job market. One company pulling out from it and here is its knock-on effect.

That news came at 17.30. I already left the building by that time. I was told about it later by my work colleague. As we commute together, she asked when I was going to get the window fixed. Bad question. I phoned tens of places today and right-hand side windows for this car make are out of stock!!! She does not care though. I should fix it ASAP so that she does not need to spend 1.35 euro for a bus each morning and each evening (excuse me here if I made mistake with bus fare in Cork. I was too shaken this morning to notice how much change I got). After all she has her plans, doesn't she? She has a loan to pay off so bus tickets are too expensive. She had squash classes and I can always give her a lift after work, right?

How cheeky can you be to ask me a question like this? Her voice implied: "there is a demand for your car so when will you get it fixed?" Feck off I could say. Such a window costs what it costs. She has not even paid for the fuel this month. Grrrr.

Anyway, straight after work I went to Mayfield. As another of my work colleagues was heading to the same garda station, I managed to get a lift. I collected my car and well ... went to my friend's to leave the car in a quiet area. I do not want anyone to get into it, drive away in it or some boy racer to take it for a ride and then burn it. After all, since I cannot get a window, I would be able to claim damage if anything else happened. After all my car is an easy target now. Nothing will happen though. I do not really think so.

I must say the thing that happened this morning is not a big deal. I am alive and well. I still have my job. I have good friends who care. Friends who showed today that they do - asking how it was going, wishing good luck, asking around for car windows, and giving me all the helpful phone numbers, or giving me a lift. I may need some more lifts this weekend still.

Tomorrow is Friday and then there is another good weekend coming. I will study toward exams (unfortunately today I could not but it was due to some unforeseen circumstances). I am horse riding on Saturday. There is some feeling of disappointment down there though.

Disappointment at some drunk person who did it. Disappointment at the work colleague who proved to be very selfish. Disappointment that the windows are out of stock and I feel vulnerable. I feel grounded as well and frustrated a bit. There are some strange feelings I cannot quite name yet. I am not yet sure what the balance is going to be but I want to think it will be positive in the end.


laurie said...

man, how frustrating! the windows are out of stock? can they order one? you can go to a scrapyard, can't you, and get a window out of a junked similar model? i used to do that a lot when i had my old little chevy.

that's such an unfortunate thing. i've had windows broken before, too, though the police here would never bother to tow the car and dust it for prints. they'd just write a report--over the phone.

good luck. i hope you can get it fixed.

shep said...

i find it sad how money can bring out the worst in people. it sounds incredibly self-centered of your friend. i suppose you put a certain amount of trust in someone, and then they let you down. it can make you feel vulnerable, which is never a nice feeling.
for me anyway, it'd be hard to look at your friend in the same light as before. always that underlying nagging 'protect yourself' feeling. trust is everyhing

nightspy said...

thank you Laurie, yes I can order them but I am grounded for this weekend. They can get it for next week only so I don't have much choice. I might try some scrap yards today - it is good to have only a four hours' work day on Fridays.
Re the Gardai, they did a good job. They did not need to bother towing away the car and yet they did. I could go to work and it was well protected in their parking lot! It was considerate of them.
Thank you Shep. I appreciate your comment. you are right, feeling vulnerable is not nice. Now I know that anytime I am going to see my work colleague, I will remember what she said.