Wednesday, March 28, 2007


High time to brake and go back into the slow lane of life. We have that great sunny spell now and sun is a great energiser :-) I feel so happy now and I smile more often and when I do it things get even better. I love spring and I am also very happy with things I am doing at the moment. I can say I do not lack anything. The feeling is great - of invigoration and of doing something meaningful.

I joined the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and today I chose the conference I will be a member of. I agree with Tinahely Women's Network: " Such displays of energy and good will put a spring in the step!" I feel spring already and it's intense.

Some people again quarel outside the Corner House pub. They get drunk and then get violent and abusive. I hope I will be able to sleep well tonight. If not I will call Gardai to calm them down. Some serious fighting is going on there now. I hope they will not kill each other.

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