Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gardai - business organisation

Somewhere in the area photographed here is my favourite Garda Station. Those of you who know this city well and maybe happened to be in there, will guess easily where and what its name is. Some time ago it was funny to see a guy there who was trying to find out at which Garda station he had been kept and whether he had been arrested at all! Alcohol really does bad things to your brain cells. I do not avoid it but my alcohol consumption is moderate as I need to study for college. Among others I have some psychology stuff to learn and one chapter in my book covers motivation at work (Maslow!). While browsing the Internet last weekend, I came across various websites, including this one. It is the source of the image below.

Business2000 describes the activities and community programmes An Garda Siochana engages into. It is very informative and user-friendly and tells as well what it takes to be a good Garda. It also mentions what the Garda mission consists in and highlights its responsibilities as a business organisation. At college and at home I study about organisations (among others) and An Garda Siochana is the one I want to join. I have a plan on how to do it (all fingers and toes crossed it will work out). I am waiting for the Garda Reserves interviews to take place and in the meantime I have another call out - this time Garda HQ in Corcaigh. So I need to go.

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