Saturday, March 17, 2007

Paddy's day celebrations

Today's the St. Patrick's day - the most famous Irish immigrant.

Time for celebrations and sure everyone celebrates in different ways.

The parade started at 1 in Cork but I am still at home recovering after a horse riding lesson. I cannot go out yet but I am bracing up for it. I had a long break when it comes to horse riding and now my leg muscles have gone kinda weak. It was hard to drive a car afterwards - very difficult to change gears and brake. Real fun - driving after riding :-)

I am not discouraged though. I am going there next week too. For now I will be going to Hop Island. Only when I feel confident enough I will try Monkstown riding centre. I heard they were better but I need to check it myself in what way.

This is what I love about Ireland. There is no shortage of horse lovers. Some love horse racing and betting (it was enough to go into Paddy Broker shop on Friday around 3.15 when the Gold Cup was about to start). Many love horse riding and there are so many equestrian centers it seems like a little paradise on earth ;-) Photo is the courtesy of AIRE

Thanks to St . Patrick there are no snakes :-) so it is good too. Horses and snakes is a bad combination for both plus for a rider.

So here I head off now to St Patrick St. I am lucky to live only a few minutes' walk from it.

Go on Ireland today!!! Rugby match is about to start so I am off ot watch it.

As they say on the radio - everyting is Irish today. I am a little more Irish too. :-)

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