Sunday, March 25, 2007


Source of the image
Yes, daffodils because there was Daffodil day last Friday. I know it is a bit late to post about it on Sunday but here it goes. This weekend I could finally feel spring in the air as it was a warm weekend. I wish it were longer but this one was even shorther by one hour! Anyway, I have spent this time the best way I could and my horse riding lessons are always my weekend's highlight. Today I went for a short beach ride too :-)

A quick update here. I just read a comment from Donal saying that the photo above was taken by his brother. Here goes the link to the actual blog post.
Thanks Donal!
I really like this photo. I'm going to visit your brother's site more often to check on updates :)


Donal said...


thanks for the comment on my blog.

Just to let you know, the pic you used here was taken by my brother so you might want to update the source to the actual blog post:

Thought it looked familiar when I spotted it!

Donal said...

Thanks for updating that. He does have some great photos alright.