Saturday, March 24, 2007

Garda career

Source of the chart.

I finally found the mission framework of An Garda Siochana. The poster found at Garda stations i
s slightly different in layout but the text is what counts. You can look it up here. I am well into the subject of Garda recruitment etc. now and the link posted here actually is to the booklet for potential Garda reserves. Tough stuff; one of the requirements that must be met before you join Gardai is being resident in Ireland for five years. I only "served" half of that time. Well, who says it is always easy? I'll see how it goes over the next two years and a half. If things work out successfully, I will wear a very nice Garda uniform like this.


The new uniform includes:

  • Operational safety boots (with waterproof breathable membrane), manufactured to E.N. 345 Safety Standard
  • A new 55 m.m utility belt to hold handcuffs, baton and other items of equipment
  • A Two tone navy and yellow high visibility fluorescent jacket
  • A Blousson Jacket, waterpoof and lined with tabs to hold the utility belt
  • An Inner Fleece, zip detachable from Blousson Jacket
  • A Leather Belt with brass buckle with Garda Crest
  • A new type shirt with chevrons on right sleeve (for Sergeants)
  • A new Cap badge which contains corporate colours.
I may also decide to join the mounted unit. I have another lesson of horse riding today. In two years and a half I am sure I will become a brilliant horse rider.

There are a few options. I might become a detective garda as well. I have one more idea at least but that one is too fresh to write about.

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