Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My favourite Garda Station

Quiet and long Bank Holiday weekend is definitely over. Tuesday is almost over too and we are getting closer and closer to the next weekend :-). The weekend just gone was nice and lazy with few things things happening, which was good for a change. The brilliant rugby match between Ireland and Italy was a major highlight then though the Saturday night out was not bad either. Horse riding was good too but I still feel pain when walking; I strained muscles too much :-( Monday was the best though - very quiet, relaxing, spent on my own and with one visit at my favourite Garda station in Cork. Another EU citizen got into troubles and not knowing the English language, he needed some help to understand what was happening. Bank holidays are lazy days, conducive to binge drinking and so then people are more likely to get into troubles like that chap. Alcohol greatly reduces ability to think clearly and his example is a perfect illustration. First he does shopping and pays for everything in his basket but he forgets to pay for a certain bottle of clear and expensive liquid. Once he realizes that, he (!) goes back to the shop wanting to pay but it is too late to pay and he is arrested for theft. I do not condone theft and maybe he indeed wanted to pay and just forgot. He had the money after all. I would hesitate though if to come back to the shop and pay especially if already on bail for another offence! His forgetfulness, ignorance of the law and naivety can cost him much. He could tell his story in court and count on the judge's lenient sentence but I doubt it will work out well for him. Even if that was his conscience that made him come back, he could just as well not do it. There is a saying in his language that the stolen does not satisfy hunger (or thirst for this matter) and maybe he could not enjoy something not paid for so fingers crossed he gets away with a lesser fine. That depends on the judge.
Well, to get back to my main point here.
I was waiting at my favourite Garda station while the charge sheet was being prepared and I was looking at the leaflets available and at the notice board in the waiting area. There is the usual stuff - warnings about ATM scam, driving lessons ads, stop the domestic violence poster (the one with the woman taking off the opera mask). There is also the An Garda Siochana mission statement poster. I would like to reproduce here but it is nowhere to be found on the web. I tried all possible key words and nothing comes up. I think I will need to take it down from that Garda Station and scan it. I cannot do it though as I am not a thief :-). Well, so I must do without it unless you will help me out here. The reason I want to add it here is mostly to shop my support for the Garda organisation. There are quite a few reasons why I support them; explanation for one lies in the very name: Garda Síochána na hÉireann- meaning Guardians of the Peace of Ireland. They do not use arms in their daily activities (some special units excepted) and try to solve conflicts peacefully. I witnessed more than once. Their mission statement does reflect this no violence policy.
Since I do not have the source of the Garda mission statement, here goes their flag. Source.

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