Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In memoriam

One of the prominent Polish writers died in Warsaw on Tuesday, January 23rd 2007. He was 74. One of the people, whose name was recognisable all over the world. He was a traveller, sensitive reporter and a great personality. Among his books are "Ebony", "The Soccer War", "Herodotus" - to name just a few.
The picture is the courtesy of AP and was also used in an article on

Today his funeral took place in a cathedral in Warsaw. Here is the writer's official website in Polish on Gazeta Wyborcza portal. I am not sure if there is an official website in English but sure you can find plenty of articles on the web yourself.

Here is a link to the delhibelly blog with a post on Ryszard Kapuscinski.
People are born and people die.

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