Thursday, January 4, 2007

why Baile Beag.

Why Baile Beag as a name of my blog?

It may be for many reasons really. Or maybe it is just for no reason at all. Well a blog has to have a name just like a newly born baby is named. I must say I just liked that one and I also like to think of my life as a little town. It may be very local but here in the virtual reality it can also be quite global. Well in a certain sense my life has been quite global too.

Well, the following could be one of the reasons if anyone insists.

Baile Beag

My little town here is also a little bit magical. It is mythical too. And some goddesses are inevitably going to live here.
It is bordering town and countryside as well just as my life is in a way.

This town can also be old – old enough to have a very nice charm. Well just like me ;-) – a nice charm though I would not call myself old yet in any way.

It may remind some visitors of Brian Friel’s


Here is a picture from the play staged by the Company …

Courtesy of

The name may remind you of many other things. So let me know what about if you want – I am curious.

Well I don’t want to divert you too much here. You are welcome to visit Baile Beag any time and if coming in a virtual car, you park almost anywhere you want. There are few double yellow lines here and even if it is packed here in peak times hope you will find your own space too ;-)

Where I live in reality it is quite tough to find a free park space unless I could park on the roof J But there is no roof car park yet.

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