Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Milan, Italy

In October 2006 Ryszard Kapuscinski was a guest in Bolzano, Italy. He gave a speech at the university there and also met students from Trento.
Someone who was there at the time and listened to Ryszard shares the impressions on bumerangdiares.

I have never met Mr. Kapuscinski in person. And all I can do it read or re-read his books.

I have never been to Italy either. But on Friday I am going to be in Milan – the city of culture, fashion, and AC Milan. I really cannot wait.

I am going to go to La Scala, to see Duomo di Milano and San Siro Stadium among others.

And the sense of anticipation is really huge. Real thrill.

I will write about my trip after I come back and post a few pics.

P.S. My source here was Wikipedia among others.

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