Saturday, January 6, 2007

Traces of the Goddess in Ireland

Just found another website where you can find quite a few traces -
so for those interested, there is the link. I have only been to the hills of Tara so far but sure I'll go and explore more of Ireland once the winter is over.
This website is interesting enough and I like when it is explained what a particular name means in Gaelic.
E.g. Tara - Temair - "place of great prospect".
It named so probably of the geographical location - from the hill you could have a great view. But I'd like to think it was also a place of great vision. What I like about those old Irish names is that they point to the reality that is long gone and that we can try to explore through some (archeological) research. But I would say using a bit of imagination can be even more rewarding.

The writer Pete McCarthy also wrote about what some Gaelic names of places in Ireland and that those names mean in English. I took the examples from his book McCarthys Bar.
e.g. Garvaghy - Garbhochadh - the rough field
Drimoleague - Drom Dha Liag - rigde of the two pillar stones
Sligo - Sligeach - the shelly place

If you would know any good links about the Goddess or have similar interests yourself, please leave me a comment,

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